User manual


To register in the Volunteers Database, go to the database homepage and click on Register.

You will first have to accept the terms of use, then you will be redirected to the registration form.

This form contains three sections (Personal information, Skills & avaibility, Other information). Mandatory fields are indicated by the small grey squares next to the field labels.

Once your form is completed, click Save. You will then receive an activation link into your mailbox.

Click on this activation link.

Log in

You can now log in:

  • use your email address as login,
  • and enter the password you have submitted in the registration form as password.

Modify your personal information

Once logged-in, you can access your personal form by clicking on your name in the left-side menu.

If you need to modify it, click Edit (at the bottom of the form).

Register for an event

On the event description page, click on the Register button (if you are not currently, you will have to log in).

The area manager will then validate or reject your participation (and you will be notified by mail at this moment).

You may un-register by clicking on "Decline or (un-register)".