POSOW II Project Train the Trainer Courses

Within the framework of the Preparedness for Oil-polluted Shoreline cleanup and Oiled Wildlife interventions Project - POSOW II, two Train the Trainer Courses were organised on Cedre's premises between the 19 and 29th May 2016. Thirty-four (34) participants from seven (7) countries namely Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, subsequently received theoretical training on the following themes:

Volunteer management;

Oiled shoreline assessment;

Oiled shoreline cleanup;

Oiled wildlife response;

Waste management; and

Fishermen’s support in oil spill response.

Practical exercises were also organised using Cedre’s facilities and equipment.

In order to create national synergies and build a national and regional pool of trainers for volunteers, the training teams were composed of representatives from authorities in charge of oil spill response, Civil Protection, regional / local authorities, fishermen’s organisations, as well as specialized wildlife response Non-Governmental Organizations.

The participants are expected to replicate the trainings in their respective countries during the second part of the year 2016, with a view to disseminate the knowledge at national level and establish a pool of trained volunteers to be registered in the POSOW Volunteer Database found on www.posow.org, together with the trainers trained during POSOW I and POSOW II.

In addition, in order to further increase the exposure of the Project, two Portuguese representatives were invited and attended the course.

The below photos, taken during the course, are the propriety of Cedre: